We had such potential, such promise.

Tonight we decided to do dinner and a movie. First off was dinner at Red Robin (yummy). I love the Whiskey River BBQ burger sans lettuce. I normally love lettuce but I think they must use some kind of bagged lettuce which always tastes funky to me.Nine

After dinner we went to see 9. We both really liked it. I didn’t think it was going to be as dark as it was, my husbands comment was “Tim Burton is associated with it of course it’s going to be dark”.

This is not a movie for young kids. Naturally I was dismayed as always to see parents bringing in kids way too young for this.

It has a PG13 rating which seems right to me. It’s not appropriate for your seven year old.

This coming from the girl whose dad took his kids to see Porky’s when we were like 10.\

The animation is simply amazing. Loving fabric I kept thinking wow that really looks like burlap. It was fascinating for me to see how intricate the dolls were. I kept looking at how they were put together, the stitches and bits and pieces. This movie is very dark and intense and somewhat sad. The machines/robots were scary, how you can impart such malice into animated machines I don’t know but they did it.

Definitely worth seeing just don’t bring young kids.

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