Black Friday 2009 style

I am always more curious about Black Friday as opposed to being rabid about it.

We’ve done the getting up at ass o’clock thing to check out the deals and all I have to say is Meh. If we feel like getting up and there is a deal on something, then I think it’s kind of fun. Would I all out body check people in a mad scramble to get something or other….nah. I don’t care that much. I don’t think there will ever be anything I need/want so desperately as to go tearing around a store looking for the “doorbusters”.

I do check out the Black Friday ads online and see what’s going on. I look for all day deals on things instead of the 5am -9am or whatever deals. Sometimes a store will have something weird like pillows on sale for cheap. A few years ago I got good pillows for $2.00 each on Black Friday. Joann’s is the one Black Friday ad that I really look forward to with enthusiasm. Last year I bought a boatload of flannel for 99 cents a yard! I was really hoping for  a repeat sale this year but it looks like it will be $1.49 this year which is still fantastic just not as good ad 99 cents. It’s an all day Friday deal too so I don’t have to rush around like a maniac.

I remember one year we went out early and it was the first year they put the big, flat t.v.’s on sale and people were going crazy. We laughed because the parking lot was literally filled with people who couldn’t  fit the giant televisions into their cars.

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