Buying bolts of fabric with a coupon at Joann Fabric

I cannot think of why this never crossed my mind before. Probably because I’ve mainly worked on small sewing projects. I never needed/wanted a large amount of one kind of fabric.

After finishing my first Queen size quilt recently and having a real problem with buying backing fabric all that has changed. Also I recently discovered the joy that is Kona Cotton from Robert Kaufman  and a Pinterest board using Kona here. I am hooked.

Kona usually sells for between $5.00 and $7.99  a yard not on sale depending on where you look.  Joann Fabric also sells Kona in store and online as well.

(if you read message boards like I do there has been some kerfluffle in the past over if all Kona is REAL Kona or if all Kona is made the same. Read the statement from The Robert Kaufman Company here)

For the past few months Joann Fabrics has been sending out 60%(say what!) off coupons in their mailers and available as a printable coupon online, and even emailed to you. These coupons are NOT good on sale priced items. The last few times they had a 60% off coupon Kona was on sale and I couldn’t use the coupon(dang it). Even on sale the price was almost $2.00 more per yard than using a 60% off coupon.

I thoroughly researched Kona prices online. I even purchased a few yards in different colors from that Joann Fabrics doesn’t carry. was running a sale on Kona for $4.11 a yard and then there was a 20% of coupon available and free shipping on orders over $35.00. I didn’t buy all of my fabric from Fabric.Com(explained below)

I armed myself with 3 Joann’s coupons one from the flier, online and from an email.  All 3 had slightly different bar codes. I was on a mission, and I was really hoping that Kona would not be on sale so that I could use my coupons.

I have never ordered a full bolt of fabric from Joann Fabrics I wasn’t sure what to expect. I brought a bolt of Kona Cotton in White up to the cutting counter. The girl there was super nice and helpful. I noticed that Kona is sold on 8 yard bolts. I asked the girl if I could order the Kona using a coupon? Yes. I asked if I bought more than one bolt was it still considered as one cut of fabric? Yes.

Remember that a Joann coupon is usually only good for one CUT of fabric. So I wasn’t sure what multiple bolts counted as. I ordered 3 (gasp) bolts of Kona white. The only downside to this is that Joann charges a shipping charge even if it is shipped to the store(Boo…no store should charge for store pickup). I’m not sure how it worked but she said it would normally be $15.00 but when she put it in it went down to $10.00. It was an easy, painless process to order the fabric. She used my coupon and printed out a sheet for me to take up front and pay. It should be coming in a week or so.

I had initially tried to order the Kona in white from during a recent sale I mentioned above. I was trying to save myself the gas and time it would take to drive to Joann Fabrics. They said it was in stock when I ordered but then I got an email saying that it was out of stock and not available for back order. runs some great sales but you absolutely cannot count on getting the fabric that you ordered. I ran into this problem not just from them but also from when trying to order multiple yards for my recent Queen size quilt. This is why I am trying to plan more ahead and stock up on fabrics that I know I will be needing in the future at a great price that doesn’t kill my budget or throw a major wrench into my quilt project when I can’t get the fabric that I want. Or I can get it but it’s not on sale, no coupons are available and it doesn’t just kill my budget it stomps on it and makes it cry first.

After ordering and paying for the Kona bolts, I went back and picked out two more Kona fabrics and used two more coupons in store(I didn’t need as much of these two so just bought what they had on the bolt). I could use them both in one transaction as they had different barcode #’s. After everything was paid for I ended up paying $3.65 a yard including tax and delivery on the white fabric for Kona Cotton.

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