One giant head hat finished

I finished the ribbed knit hat for my dad. I used up all the yarn that was used in the blue and red sections and almost the full ball of the black section. I think the blue looks a little weird with the red and the black. Not awful, just a little weird. I know my dad won’t care and it used up this ridiculous small ball of yarn that I have had forever so I’m happy.

I think that once you start getting to the decreases do yourself a favor and switch to double pointed needles. I didn’t and I wish that I had. Other than that, it was quick and easy, and a good way to use up odds and ends from your yarn stash. This hat cost me nothing to make it and I knitted it in the car or while watching movies.

The ribbing gave it a nice stretchiness, and I think it’s going to fit his head well.

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