Sirloin Tips from Sirloint tip roast

This is either really smart of me or I’m dumb and just figuring out what other people already know.

I love sirloin tips. I usually buy a sirloin tip steak and cut it up into pieces and make sirloin tips from that. A few weeks back my grocery store had sirloin tip roasts on sale. I have no idea what a sirloin tip roast is but thought I could make sirloin tips from it.

“round tip roast = tip roast = sirloin tip roast = tip sirloin roast     Notes:   This roast is just a cut away from the sirloin, so it’s tender enough to be oven roasted or cut up into kabobs.  If the roast is trimmed of some fat and muscle, it’s called a trimmed tip roast = ball tip roast.    Substitutes:  tri-tip roast OR rump roast


After much Googling..I determined that a lot of other people had the same question and that some said yes and some said no to making sirloin tips from sirloin roast.

My husband even looked it up and he wasn’t sure either. What I do now is that a Sirloin tip roast cost almost less than half per pound that sirloin steak or sirloin tips.

We cut the roast into tip sized pieces. We got two meals worth of meat and froze one.

I used our Dutch oven on the stove top and first browned the meat on all sides in olive oil. I took the meat out and sauteed mushrooms and some onion. Once that was cooked down I added back in the meat and about 3/4 of a can of beef broth and some teriyaki sauce. I simmered on medium low for about 1/2 an hour (until the meat was tender).

I removed some of the liquid and cooked the rest down until it was the consistency I preferred(which is probably drier than most people like). Once it was cooked down to my liking I added the liquid back in cooked for another minute or two and served over rice pilaf.

It was delicious. Sirloin Roasts are supposedly tasty also cooked as roasts, but don’t be afraid to cut one up for sirloin tips if you find one on sale.  Was it officially sirloin tips? I’m still not 100% sure on that but it tasted just as good and the price was right so I don’t really care.


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