FF: The black rotary telephone

My Grandmother only ever owned this black rotary telephone. I still have it, but it’s tucked away in my closet.

I remember her talking on it when I was really young. When I was a teenager we lived with her for a few years when she was sick.  I had some friends who lived an hour away and that meant most of them lived in another state. When I called them I would have to dial 1 then the area code then  the actual phone number 1-555-555-5555.

Anyone who has used one of these phones remembers that you had to wait for the dial to go all the way back before you did the next number, you also remember that noise it made while you were dialing. I don’t remember at what point I learned that my grandmother had been renting this phone from the phone company for years(I probably found out after she died). I think she paid $3.00 a month for at least 15 YEARS.

Apparently back then many older people did that and just kept it going since that is what they were used to, they never bothered to just go out and buy a phone even thought it would have cost them far less.

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