Spring Fever

Well it happens every year around this time and this year is no exception. I have a bad case of Spring Fever. I start getting itchy to get in my yard and Dig! and Plant! and start dragging out the furniture that I want to Sand! and Paint!

I have to keep a tight lid on this as it’s not really the right time to do those things yet. While it’s true that we are getting warmer days and some days that actually fool you into thinking that Spring has arrived and is never going away, the fact is that I remember all too well the years when we had snowstorms in April. The daffodils would be up and blooming…… and covered in snow.

It’s not helping that we have had two 70+ degree days this week with possibly one more to come! I’m channeling my Spring fever into renovating our stairwell and landing which is a better occupation in case the weather turns.

Chives! They shot up in the last week.

I did clean up the herb planter box a little. I removed some leaves and the dead basil stalks. The chives are already almost a foot tall which is crazy.

It looks like all the herbs except the cold sensitive ones made it. All we need to replant this year  is the basil and scallions.

Yay – the catnip is coming back.

It even looks like the catnip I have planted in a pot is coming back which never happens. The cats always eat it down to nothing and then lie down in the dirt killing it completely. that they will come up Each fall I let it go to seed and then sprinkle the seeds hoping  in the Spring.

It looks like this year it worked. (now to keep the cats out of it until it gets a chance to get established)

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