My delivery came this afternoon.


I have a second much smaller order coming too. They were out of white thread when I placed this order, so I had to place another order when the white thread came back in stock. This order is mostly multiples of the colors that I use the most or have plans for in upcoming projects.
They are running a 30% off thread sale right now . I have been waiting for this sale to stock up. I first learned about this thread when I was researching threads for a quilt I made last year. Normally I use any thread that I have on hand or I go to my thread display that I picked up at an auction which has small spools of threads of all colors.

I was making a Queen size quilt and knew I did not have enough of one color thread for it. I researched online what threads people liked/recommended and connecting threads came up. I checked them out and the price was great so I ordered a couple of spools and have been hooked ever since.

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