Knitted rag rug


I have a container of scrap fabric that is cut into 1 1/2″ strips that I normally use for locker hooking rugs. I have a locker hooked rug that I have been working on for a long time now. I love how it looks but it can be a bit time consuming which is why it is taking me so long to finish it. I love the look of rag rugs, and my scrap strip container was overflowing so I needed another project to use them.
I really love the look of braided rag rugs but when I looked up the instructions I wanted something that was even easier to make but had a similar look.
I haven’t learned how to crochet yet so I looked up knitted rag rugs and liked what I saw.

#1. I prefer square/rectangular rugs which knitting would give me.
#2. I could make it more intricate by following a pattern or make it a simple garter stitch rug.

I picked out fabrics, not really going for any particular theme, colors or style and put them together to make rag yarn balls which is super easy and a great way to recycle old sheets etc. I had an old futon cover that was stained in spots and was a thin fabric not a heavy duty one like some futon covers. I cut that up to use. I have an old sheet that I’m using in addition to my other scrap fabric.

The only cost is the $5.00 I spent to purchase size 35 19mm knitting needles using a coupon. It’s knitting up quickly on the big needles. I’m using a simple garter stitch and watching Misfits while I work on it.

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