Homemade ironing board cover

I’ve needed to make a new ironing board cover for a few weeks now. I just made one not long ago, but I was trying to be cheap ummm thrifty and use up some polyester fabric that I bought by mistake. I loved the pattern but I hate polyester fabric. It made a great ironing board cover except that I cut the pad for the board a 1/2″ too short, and then the polyester fabric started to wear out on the sides.

This isn’t really a pattern as I don’t follow a pattern when I make one of these. This is the third ironing board cover I have made so I just wing it, but there are many great tutorials online if you need help.
I like to use 3 layers of cotton quilt batting for my pad. If you have a useable pad then reuse it.  I had some odd pieces of quilt batting left over from a quilt project and luckily they fit the ironing board.

I cut my pad too short last time so I needed to make a new one. I lay the quilt batting on the ironing board and cut all around it approx 3″ longer on all sides than the ironing board. I like to sew around the edge so that the layers don’t shift.


Three layers of cotton quilt batting for an ironing board pad.

I then choose my ironing board cover fabric and do the same thing with it, but leaving approx 4″ around. I fold under a
tiny bit approx 1/4″ of the cover fabric and sew that down.

Cover fabric

This is the fabric I chose from my fabric stash for my ironing board cover.

I then fold over approx. 1 inch of the cover fabric and sew that down. You are making a pocket for the elastic to go though so make sure that you leave approx. 1″ at the end of the ironing board cover that you can put the elastic through.
I use 1/4 inch elastic(you could use elastic cord or whatever you had on hand as long as it was sturdy. I like to tie one end to a locker hook and hold the other end in my hand. I insert the locker hook into one side of the opening that was left at the bottom of the cover.

Threading the elastic.

I like to tie one end of the elastic to a locker hook and use that to thread the elastic though the pocket I sewed.

The locker hook is rigid and makes it super easy to thread the elastic all the way around the cover. When I have finished threading the elastic, I bring the cover over to the ironing board and put it on over the pad. If it looks good and fits well, I tighten the elastic by pulling on it until the cover is on snugly and then I tie the elastic. That’s it, a new ironing board cover that took less than an hour to make and used supplies I already had in the house.

Yay a new ironing board cover!

Yay a new ironing board cover!

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