Recycling an old ironing board pad into cat mats

In my previous post I sewed myself a new ironing board pad and cover. My ironing board pad was in great shape, but I had made it a little too small which is why I made a new one.
I like to use several layers of cotton batting when I make an ironing board pad. I hated to waste the pad by throwing it out. I have an XL ironing board so the pad was pretty big, and it was nice and cushy. I use little mats around the house for the cats to sleep on and the cut up pad would be perfect for that.

I managed to get two large rectangles and one small square out of the pad.

Small piece of cut up ironing board pad.

After I cut out two large rectangles I had enough left to cut out a 6″x6″ square.

New cat mats from an old ironing board pad.

New cat mats from an old ironing board pad.

I rummaged through my fabric stash for fabric for the covers and whipped up two cat mats. Nothing fancy this time, just simple covers. I’m going to take the small square and make a hot pad with it.
I left the finished cat mats on my ironing board and when I looked back a cat was on them!

Testing the new cat mats

Testing the new cat mats.

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