Homemade pillow cases

Finished pillowcase folded up

One finished pillowcase folded up. I’m not sure why I originally bought such a dark fabric.

Since I seem to be on a bit of a sewing kick I finally got around to making some pillow cases. I need regular size pillow cases but I really needed two king sized pillow cases.

I love flannel bedding all year round so I looked through my flannel fabric stash. I like this fabric, although I’m not in love with it.  I needed a lot of fabric to make two king sized cases, and there was more than enough of this fabric.
I measured a sham I had and used that as my guide for the size. I really enjoy making pillowcases, now I just need to make some regular pillow sized ones.

Finished pillowcase

Finished homemade king size pillowcase.

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