Duncan Hines apple caramel cake

So I made a Duncan Hines apple caramel cake last night. I wanted some kind of cake and wasn’t in the mood to make one from scratch so I picked up this box mix.

Includes a pouch with real apples and creamy caramel so you can bake an over-the-top cake, all with one box. Contains zero trans fats and no hydrogenated oils.
You mix the caramel in a separate bowl and then swirl it into the cake mix. Overall I found it to be too sweet for my liking and my husband said it tasted like maple(?). I think the caramel tasted like maple to him. On the box it does say decadent so I can’t blame the mix for being too sweet for me. It wasn’t cloying or gross and I have to say that it was super moist and you could taste the apple pieces. Overall it was easy to make, and was tasty.
The cut pieces also looked nice on the plate with the caramel swirls.


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