Turning Marigolds into Dandelions

I didn’t exactly turn marigolds in dandelions, but I did use marigolds to dye white roving yellow that I then needle felted to make dandelions.


Formerly white roving that I dyed yellow using marigolds and a pinch of turmeric.


I cut out small, yellow felt circles that I needle felted the yellow roving onto.

I cut out some small, yellow felt circles. I then needle felted the yellow roving to that. I wanted a specific look and thought that using the felt would help me get the look I wanted.


I used green felt and some florists wire that I had to make the stems.

I had some green florist wire and used that and some green felt to make the stems.



Here they are next to the mushrooms. I wish they were a little smaller, but I think they look good.

I put them next to the mushrooms and really like how they look. I wish they were a little smaller, but it gets hard to work with the smaller you go.(at least it does for me)


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