J.B. Van Sciver china cabinet

My husband and I went out thrift shopping the other evening (we found places that have evening hours). I’ve been trying to go more this month as I am always on the hunt for interesting Halloween and Christmas decorations. I didn’t find any Halloween or Christmas decorations but I did find(and buy) this amazing china cabinet made by J.B. Van Sciver. I can’t find anything this style online with the round front, but we are guessing it is 1930’s or 1940’s.sciverpostcardHave I mentioned my weakness for cool old furniture especially china cabinets? I put books, dvd’s and things in them besides china.

J.B. Van Sciver China Cabinet

J.B. Van Sciver China Cabinet

I’m dying to put things into it, but I have to wait as we are going to re-do the floors soon so I have to have everything emptied out to make it easier to move. I temporarily put the plant on top until the plant gets a new home somewhere else and the pumpkins are just visiting there as well until I get some battery operated votives to put in them and then put them outside.


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