Russell Stover Peanut Butter Santa and Peppermint Bark Snowman

My husband and I stopped in the supermarket this evening. I was feeling festive and had a hankering for something with peanut butter. I saw this candy from Russell Stover and decided to give it a try.


I thought the packaging was really cute and Christmassy.(and they were on sale)

I tried the peanut butter and milk chocolate Santa first. I don’t see anything even vaguely Santa shaped about this candy do you? I even spent a few minutes turning it this way and that way trying to find Santa.


Sadly this tasted as much like peanut butter as it looks like Santa.

Oh well so it doesn’t look like Santa, as long as it tastes good right? I did not like this Peanut Butter Santa at all, and I love peanut butter and milk chocolate. I think it was sort of a whipped peanut butter that had a slightly marshmallow texture and it didn’t particularly taste like peanut butter which was really disappointing as I was looking forward to this.

I moved on to the peppermint bark snowman. It’s crushed peppermints, white chocolate and a layer of dark chocolate. I have seen other candy with this type of flavor combination but wasn’t sure I would like it so didn’t want to commit to a big bar or a bag of candy.

At least this guy looks like a snowman, so far so good. This one is actually pretty good. It tastes like one of those Andes Creme de Menthe thins. I like those, so this was good.


This one looked and tasted good unlike peanut butter Santa.


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