Easy knitted, felted soap cozy/sweater/saver whatever you want to call this thing

For a few years now I have been making felted soap covers. Some people call them soap savers, soap sweaters or something like that. Normally when I make them I use wool roving and wet felt them but sometimes that can be a pain and take a long time to get them to the point where they felt down and stay on the soap.
I was in the mood to do some knitting, but not in the mood to do something ambitious. I wanted a quick project to do while watching some episodes of Once Upon a Time. My last felted soap cozy wore out a while ago so I thought I would make up some new ones.

I like that these work as a built in wash cloth. They can be a little awkward to hold until they get felted down nice and tight. You could fix this by doing the felting before they go in the shower, but since these are sewn shut I figured why bother when after a couple of showers they will be felted down anyways.

I made them even easier to make by doing them on straight needles and not using double pointed needles. I used some of the first handspun that I ever made. It’s spun and plied really badly.  See how over AND underspun it is in spots? Plus I dyed it using KoolAid so it’s not the prettiest yarn. This is a perfect use for it. I have no idea what the roving was I used to make this I just know it’s 100% wool.

I cast on 20 stitches and knit until it it was approx. 3″ wide. Cast off, put the soap in and sew up the seams. All Done! You can get as fancy or as simple as you want with these.


This is some of the first handspun yarn I ever made. It is both over AND underspun. Luckily I have gotten much better at spinning.



Finished soap cozy after I sewed up the seams.


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