Vintage hanging lantern lit with solar lights

I bought this hanging lantern a few years ago at an auction we went to. It was wired to hang from the ceiling(I’m pretty sure this is an old restaurant lantern) the wiring was old and made me nervous so I removed it.
I love this lantern, but my ceilings are really low in the house so there isn’t anywhere for me to hang it up right now. I thought about using it as a table lamp downstairs but I think the cats would be a little too interested in trying to climb into it. The panels are glass, so it has to be someplace safe. Plus this sucker is big.
I’m not sure how I want to wire it yet, but I want to enjoy it lit up. While I think about what the final plan for my lantern is going to be I decided to put some solar lights in it. These are Solar net lights. I bought two sets on clearance after Christmas. Originally I was going to put them in the garden this summer. I put them in the lantern tonight. It’s not perfect, they don’t light up the entire light. My husband says it looks like there are fireflies in it which I thought was great.


Only one set of the lights is charged up so it’s not very bight right now, but I love that it is going to go off and on by itself. I put the solar charger panels in a nearby window and tucked the cords behind a picture frame.


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