Fabric stash organizing

I finally sorted out and put away some new fabric purchases. I like to wash/dry/iron all my fabrics before I put them away. I’m not a neat freak or anything like that I just like to know exactly what I am dealing with when I start working on a project. Sewers seem to be divided between those that prewash fabrics before using them and those that don’t.

I had some batiks last year that took MANY washings and color catcher sheets before the dye stopped running. I don’t know if it was a bad batch, but it was terrible. I wash all my new fabrics with color catcher sheets just in case any dye comes out and then dry them. I want to get any dye bleeding or shrinking out of the way before I start a project. I also dislike the feel of the sizing used on fabrics during manufacturing.

I had to rearrange part of my fabric stash to make room for the new additions. I think everything looks nice and organized now.

Flannel Patterns

Some of my patterned flannel fabrics.

Fabric Stash

Part of my fabric stash. There are some odd fabrics in here.

More flannel fabric

More flannel fabric. Mostly solid colors this time.

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