.97 cents (including tax)

Sometimes it seems like Thrift Shops are getting more and more expensive (at least where I live).
Driving back from my second trip this year down to Hilton Head, SC to see my Grandmother recently, I stopped at as many thrift shops as I could find. Every time I stopped for gas or a break I would search for Thrift shops on my GPS. If I found something within 10 miles I would check it out. Mostly it was disappointing, and then I found a charity thrift shop in one of the small towns I stopped in. I stopped in so many small towns that I can’t remember which one this was. I think it was a thrift shop for Diabetes.

It did not look promising. And then I saw some of the prices and got giddy. Not everything was cheap but they has a section where dishes were a dime. A DIME! I can’t remember when the last time was I saw anything for a dime.
This is my haul from that shop. It cost me .97 cents which included the tax.

2 small plates (one is Corelle), a Japanese Mug, two comic paperbacks & a glass candle holder.



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