I finally got around to sewing towels from terry cloth I bought for $1.00 a yard a year or so ago. It’s a thinner terry cloth similar in weight to the Ikea HÄREN towels.

I own several HÄREN bath size towels and they were the inspiration for these towels. I have found that most of the time I reach for the thinner Ikea towels over the thicker towels we own. I made two bath size towels and one HUGE bath sheet sized towel. The total cost was approximately $4.00 to make three towels.

To get the size I wanted, I put an Ikea towel on top of the terry cloth fabric and cut the terry cloth to approximately the same size. I left approx. 1″ longer on the width so that after they were hemmed they would still be the right size.


To hem the towels, I folded the edges down once and did a straight stitch, going around twice. You could always make your hems much nicer/fancier easily by using decorative stitches, contrasting fabric to make an edge or a border. You could also fold over the edges twice, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.


The backside of the towel.

When I finished hemming the towels I won’t over them and trimmed off any excess fabric on the edges. The terry cloth will shed a little, this particular fabric wasn’t too bad but some terry sheds everywhere when you cut it. The finished towels also need to go through the wash to get rid of any loose bits.

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