Vintage Beistle skeleton

I found this vintage Beistle skeleton for 50 cents not long ago. The big price sticker was right in the middle of his face(ugh!). It makes me crazy when people put a price sticker on in a spot where it can do damage to an item. This one really made me crazy as the back side of the skeleton was plain unprinted cardboard.
I was really hoping I could get the tag off without the paper coming off. I thought I had it when the corners came off easily. The damn middle pulled off the paper right in the center of his face. arrghhhhh!




Why do people put price tags on the front/face of paper things?!
I tried to be so careful but his face still peeled off.


Just your average Tuesday……except for the tornado!

A tornado hit where I live this morning. It apparently whipped through my street/neighborhood and then was done. It seems to have started one street in front of us and ended on the street behind us. I hope they can come up with a better idea of what path it took soon. It was totally crazy. We lost electricity for 7 hours, our street was blocked off all day. It’s a mess of downed trees and tree limbs. The really weird thing is that if you drive a block or two away from my house it’s like nothing happened. You would never know a tornado hit my street.
National Weather Service
We lost our trash bins and some deck furniture was tossed around but that’s about it. I have never seen rain and lightning like that and never felt a wall of wind come through the house like that and I have been here through hurricanes several times. I knew it was bad when one of the cats started howling, she’s never done that before.


Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is upside down, and in the middle of the picture. Look for the larger bunch of red flowers.

I tried to mow the grass on the side of the house this afternoon, after relocating the fifth praying mantis I gave up and tried to mow the backyard, and gave up after spotting a praying mantis back there too. If I see one, past experience has taught me there are many, many more.

I then thought that watering the garden should be safe. Until I spotted this guy on the catnip and another in the flower garden. I didn’t want to accidentally hurt any praying mantis that might be around so I gave up. At least we can mow the front yard. They seem to prefer the side and back yards.