Vera by Annita Wilschut

Vera by Annita Wilschut

I recently downloaded Vera by Annita Wilschut off of Ravelry. I looked for several days for a simple (not just easy to knit but a simple design as well) stuffed animal to knit for a certain small person.

I haven’t started Vera yet but I love the non fussy look of this bear. It seems fairly straightforward to knit as well. I am going to knit it out of Spa from the Naturally Caron line.

Spa - Misty Taupe

Spa - Misty Taupe

The color is Misty Taupe. It is a Bamboo blended with acrylic. Acrylic isn’t usually my first, second or even third choice but since this is for a child I wanted something that was going to hold up to washing and I’m not sure if there are any Wool allergies so I am playing it safe.

You look at pictures of WHAT online?!

My husband does not understand this at all. I told him last night that I like to look at photos of people’s craft rooms and how they organize all their crafty goodness.

He was like  – you do what?  I said –  people post pictures of their craft rooms online. There are even websites and Flickr groups just for photos of how people store their craft supplies. It’s addictive. I love looking at them. I love seeing all the colors and items all organized and awesome. I just found this website the other day Crafty Storage and it is so inspiring and fun to look through.

I have a craft room and lots of supplies.  My supplies are organized and tidy,

— but —

I have cats, and my cats LOVE my craft supplies as much as I do. So alas all my crafty goodies are tucked away mostly out of sight, so I don’t have an awesome craft room like other people. Mine is nice,  just not awesome.

I also have a cat that has decided that tearing off strips of wallpaper is her calling in life. So awesomely decorated craft room…not so much.