Connecting Threads Thread Sale

This is not a sponsored/affiliate post, I just really like this thread. is having a 30% off thread spool sale until June 16th. You also get free shipping when you spend $50. The spools are on sale for $1.95 for 1,200 yards of Mercerized, extra long staple cotton thread.

When I was planning on sewing my first large sewing project -a Queen size quilt as a wedding present a while ago, I researched thread.  I previously used whatever was cheap(I never had any problems sewing with inexpensive thread), or if I only needed a small amount of a specific color I would use something from my awesome thread display thing that I bought at an auction my husband and I went to.

I think this must have been a retail display as there are spools behind the ones you see in the front. Some colors have up to eight spools behind them and some spools only have one or two behind them.  Each spool section has a springy piece behind it that pushes the next spool behind it forward when you remove the one in front of it. The spools are small, so I can’t count on there being enough thread in one color for large projects.


Awesome thread display thing

I knew that sewing a Queen size quilt would take a lot of thread. Thread is no longer cheap to buy, even the cheap stuff isn’t cheap anymore. After reading some quilting groups and researching what people liked, I came up with a list of several brands that kept being mentioned among quilters.  I don’t remember all of the other brands I looked at, but I do know that they were 2-3 times or more expensive than the connecting threads thread. I placed an order and have been thrilled with their thread (and fabrics) ever since.

What I did not realize until this week when  I was getting together another thread order is that they discontinue threads. They will have Last Chance above them on the website.  I am stocking up on threads that are being discontinued two of them I have used before:





If you like bright, bold, blues I cannot tell you how gorgeous Calypso is. Fuchsia is a favorite of mine too. These also work well with Kona cotton solids fabrics in Pomegranate Pink and Turquoise. Not exact matches but close enough for me.

The other discontinued threads I am getting with the order I just placed are ones I have not tried/seen in person yet:


Beach Glass



I’ve been putting off getting the Beach Glass, but now with it being on Last Chance on the Connecting Thread website I finally ordered a bunch of spools. There are several other colors that are also being discontinued but I didn’t think I would use those colors.