Handmaid quilted dog bed

Brown wore out one of her dog beds recently, and I have been on a mission to either buy her one or make her one. I can easily sew a dog bed cover, the expensive part is finding a good filler for it. Sometimes it is less expensive to buy a dog bed. I can usually find really pretty ones in large sizes at TJMaxx/Homegoods which is where the last one came from. The last few times I have been in I have not seen anything that caught my eye or if it did catch my eye they cost more than I wanted to spend.

Last weekend we dropped off a bunch of stuff to a thriftshop and then went in to take a look around. I saw this:

At first I thought it was some kind of beanbag type thing. I poked it a little and to my delight discovered that it was filled with down. It seemed sort of deflated but appeared to be about full bed sized. The outer material looked intact and I figured maybe I could scrunch it up and use it to make a dog bed.

Back in October I bought a dark grey corduroy material that I thought would make a great dog bed cover. I took it out and while I love the fabric I wanted something a little more custom and interesting. I also realized that I was NOT in the mood to do any pieced quilting, applique or anything too fussy. I decided on using bright colored thread and quilting the grey material myself.

First I drew my lines on in chalk. Yeah I know I screwed up some of the lines.  That’s what happens when you have a small workroom and don’t feel like setting up the big table to work on. I did not use a pattern for the bed or the quilting. I cut out the bed pieces as large as I could make them from the grey fabric piece I had, then used a regular ruler to make guidelines for the quilting.


I did the first set of lines in a thread color called Aqua from www.connectingthreads.com.


I ended up choosing a different thread color for the second set of lines. This time the color was Calypso from www.connectingthreads.com


Yes, I know my lines aren’t straight/perfectly spaced.


Aqua and Calypso thread colors

Aqua and Calypso thread colors from connectingthreads.com

I made a huge, boneheaded mistake that resulted in having to do the bottom of the bed in this blue corduroy. I love it but grrrrr.(I cut the backing fabric for the sides instead of the piece I had for the sides which was smaller)


I made a velcro closure just in case I ever wanted to take it apart. I normally throw the entire dog bed in the wash without taking off the cover so the velcro wasn’t strictly necessary.


I was a little worried about squishing all that down into the cover I made which was about 1/4 of the size of the down blanket thing I started with. It squished in perfectly. Whew!


Brown hasn’t been on it yet, but the cats like it.


This project came in at approx. $20 for everything, which I think is pretty darn good for a large, down filled dog bed.

Fabric stash organizing

I finally sorted out and put away some new fabric purchases. I like to wash/dry/iron all my fabrics before I put them away. I’m not a neat freak or anything like that I just like to know exactly what I am dealing with when I start working on a project. Sewers seem to be divided between those that prewash fabrics before using them and those that don’t.

I had some batiks last year that took MANY washings and color catcher sheets before the dye stopped running. I don’t know if it was a bad batch, but it was terrible. I wash all my new fabrics with color catcher sheets just in case any dye comes out and then dry them. I want to get any dye bleeding or shrinking out of the way before I start a project. I also dislike the feel of the sizing used on fabrics during manufacturing.

I had to rearrange part of my fabric stash to make room for the new additions. I think everything looks nice and organized now.

Flannel Patterns

Some of my patterned flannel fabrics.

Fabric Stash

Part of my fabric stash. There are some odd fabrics in here.

More flannel fabric

More flannel fabric. Mostly solid colors this time.