Spring Fever

Well it happens every year around this time and this year is no exception. I have a bad case of Spring Fever. I start getting itchy to get in my yard and Dig! and Plant! and start dragging out the furniture that I want to Sand! and Paint!

I have to keep a tight lid on this as it’s not really the right time to do those things yet. While it’s true that we are getting warmer days and some days that actually fool you into thinking that Spring has arrived and is never going away, the fact is that I remember all too well the years when we had snowstorms in April. The daffodils would be up and blooming…… and covered in snow.

It’s not helping that we have had two 70+ degree days this week with possibly one more to come! I’m channeling my Spring fever into renovating our stairwell and landing which is a better occupation in case the weather turns.

Chives! They shot up in the last week.

I did clean up the herb planter box a little. I removed some leaves and the dead basil stalks. The chives are already almost a foot tall which is crazy.

It looks like all the herbs except the cold sensitive ones made it. All we need to replant this year  is the basil and scallions.

Yay – the catnip is coming back.

It even looks like the catnip I have planted in a pot is coming back which never happens. The cats always eat it down to nothing and then lie down in the dirt killing it completely. that they will come up Each fall I let it go to seed and then sprinkle the seeds hoping  in the Spring.

It looks like this year it worked. (now to keep the cats out of it until it gets a chance to get established)

Spring Snow

Wednesday, March 20 – The First Day of Spring (Spring Equinox) 2013  <—Hey weather, the calendar says it’s Spring now

I live in the Northeast and always find it funny when the Spring flowers are starting to come up….and we get a snowstorm. It doesn’t happen every year , but it does happen most years.

My Giant Alliums and Tulips in the snow today. There are some weeds in the back that I am just itching to get out and pull up. (not today in the snow though). 


Is it too early to start thinking of my garden?

Maybe for some folks it’s not too soon to start thinking of the coming gardening season, but living in the Northeast like I do all I can do is daydream. (and go through my seed starting supplies to see what I need)

I’m thinking of starting some Violas (Johnny Jump Ups) from seeds this year. I normally don’t do this as I like the instant gratification of planting already blooming plants. Especially since I plant these in a big planter by my front door.

However, over the last few years I have been sorely disappointed in the selection of plants to choose from. It doesn’t seem to matter if I go to a superstore or to the pricey garden centers near me. The selection is BORING. And that’s if they have Violas at all and not just Pansies. I love Pansies but prefer Violas for the planter near my front door. They are much more delicate and the smell is amazing.

Looking around at Viola seeds, I see several new ones for 2012 that are making my mouth water.

First we have Caramel Rose Shades,

Caramel Rose Shades

Caramel Rose Shades


Next up is Caramel Angelo from the same company.

Caramel Angelo

Caramel Angelo

Burpee seems to only have 4 Violas to choose from but Holy Cow is one of them a knockout.  It’s Pyschedelic Spring.

“Violas dazzle in delicious colors – good enough to eat. “

Pyschedelic Spring

Pyschedelic Spring


I’m sure there are more out there and I plan to peruse the seed racks at my local stores as soon as they start putting them up. Another fun thing to do is if you find a seed/plant that appeals to you, look it up on Flickr to get an idea of how the colors really look and if you still like it as much.

Big Chives

For at least the last 2 maybe 3 years or so, I have lusted after this big purple flower I saw growing outside a local garden center near me. I never saw them growing anywhere else. I would drive by them and always think that I just “had” to have some of those for my yard.allium

I searched through several garden centers and never found them to buy (they were planted in the ground and not in containers for sale). I did find out that they are Giant Alliums. Which I knew was just a fancy way of basically saying big onion plant, or I say it’s like growing giant chives except I don’t think you can eat them. (I was going to check on this for my husband since he is a chive fan).

I had been planning to buy mine online in the next few weeks. I wanted to get them planted this Fall to have them come up in the Spring.

We had to return something to Lowe’s this afternoon and they had their bulbs right outside the returns entrance……..do you hear the angels singing?……do you see the shaft of light that beamed down onto a box….a box that held none other than lovely packages of Giant Allium bulbs? Actually my husband saw them first. They are specifically the Gladiator Allium Variety. It was a pack of 3 bulbs for $9.99. I bought two packages. One set of 3 bulbs for my front yard and one set for my backyard. We plan on planting them tomorrow. I am just thrilled to bits. It’s nice to finally get something that you have wanted for so long and saving a couple of bucks.

We also picked up a package of Black Tulips (apparently they are a deep maroon which looks black in some light.. I have to look on the package to see what the name of them is Queen of the night. tulips

It was $9.99 for that bag as well and I can’t remember how many bulbs were in that bag but it seemed like a lot. 45! I’m looking forward to getting everything in the ground so I can start dreaming about my Spring garden.