Halloween fabric inspiration

I was looking at fabric online tonight, specifically Halloween fabrics. I came across these two Halloween fabrics- J. Wecker Frisch’s Creepers Peepers. The striped fabric would be great and so easy to use as a table runner.

Creepers Peepers Stripe   Creepers Peepers pumpkins

 And this fabric: Sherri Berry Designs for Riley Blake Designs, Costume Clubhouse, the bats are so adorable.

Costume Clubhouse
and this cat fabric: Spooktacular Scaredy Cat Orange. The cat ghosts are too cute.

Suburban farmer

Two apples on my apple tree.

Apple Tree

My apple tree


A few years back we got the idea to plant dwarf fruit trees in our yard.
Our tiny, probably not enough space yard. We did it anyways never really expecting any apples, but hoping they would do well and that eventually we would get apples. We planted three and one died the first year. The other two are still with us although we really need to relocate one of them. We have a red delicious and a golden delicious(my favorite kinds of apples).

Last year we got one apple so seeing two makes me super happy!


Spreading the joy

Not only do I love using coupons, but I also love leaving coupons. I occasionally end up with coupons that I don’t need and can’t use. I sometimes get them in the mail or if I find a good coupon in an insert even if I don’t want it, I will still cut it out.

If I have coupons I don’t want I usually bring some with me and leave them on the shelf where the product is located. Last week I left 5 $1.50 coupons for Jello Mousse Temptations, a $1.50 Arm & Hammer Cat litter Coupon and several Glade product coupons.

I cannot tell you how much I love doing this. I love doing this as much as I love finding a coupon for a product that someone else left. A few weeks ago I went to buy some egg noodles for stroganoff, and someone had left a coupon – which was awesome as I didn’t have a coupon. It was for the brand and size that I buy so it really helped me – Thank you to the person that left that coupon.

Times are tough, it makes me happy to think that I can help other people save some money by doing something so simple that doesn’t cost me anything but a few minutes of my time.

Campbell’s elabels for education

I just signed up for Campbell’s elabels for education program. Do you remember as a kid you would save the labels from Campbell soup cans and bring them in to school? I remember doing that when I went to school.

They now have a program where you can register your grocery savings cards at eLabelsforeducation.com and then choose a school to receive any points you earn. You earn points when you purchase eligible Campbell’s products and your school gets the points automatically.

Since 1973, Labels for Education has been committed to helping America’s families support education and schools. Collecting UPC’s to exchange for tools and equipment that support youth based enrichment programs helps nurture children’s lives through the arts, athletics, and academics. During this time, over $110 million worth of educational merchandise has been awarded to schools across the country.

If you already participate in e-Labels for Education, then you know how easy it is to help your school once you register online and shop with your Shoppers or Rewards card at your favorite supermarket. Just remember to choose the school or schools you would like to receive your e-Labels for Education points, or your school will not receive the points you earn.

I don’t have any children, and I am not familiar with the school system where I now live,  I was thrilled to see the schools I went to as a child listed. Even though I live in another state I was able to pick the two schools I went to as a child. I went to the best school ever for kindergarten through third grade.

You get 100 points for your school just for signing up. Even if you don’t have children in school consider helping out a school that you love.