After Christmas sales.

Now is a great time to look for clearance sale deals on wrapping paper, ribbon etc. I stocked up at Target the other day when their Christmas items went to 90% off. Many of the items I get aren’t specific to Christmas. I bought 9 rolls of wrapping paper for less than what one roll sold for. A few of the rolls were as low as 25 cents. I did not buy any Christmas specific patterns so most of these are good all occasion papers. Same with the bows.



Some of there were as low as 25 cents. The rest were 50 cents.


Ikea Margareta Fabric Panel Christmas tree (with lights and ornaments)

When my husband and I go to Ikea I always stop and look through the fabrics. Every time I saw the Margareta fabric I coveted it. A big Christmas tree printed on fabric?! What’s not to love. I finally bought some last year.
I pulled it from my fabric stash this year and thought about what to do with it. It was going to replace a regular Christmas tree this year so I knew I wanted to try and get lights and ornaments on it if possible.
The first thing I did was iron it using a heavy starch to make it stiff and flat. Then I sewed the bottom rough edge to keep it from fraying. I thought about how I wanted to hang it and decided to use a curtain rod. I sewed a curtain rod pocket onto the top on the back.

Ikea Margareta Fabric panel Christmas Tree

Ironed with starch, and hung from a curtain rod after I sewed a curtain rod pocket onto the back at the top.

I decided to hang it right above my baseboard. I debated having it rest on the floor but decided that was too low and more likely to get dirty/get the cats interest.  I tried a few stores to see if I could find battery operated lights as I thought those might work better. I couldn’t find anything that appealed to me so I gave up on that idea for now. I also considered putting grommets in the fabric and pushing lights in through the grommets from the back. I thought that would hide the light wires and make for a neater looking tree. (I may try this idea some other time).

I ended up using what I had at home which was some LED lights that have plastic bulbs on them on the ends. I used safety pins and attached them to the fabric by going in from the back of the fabric to hide the bulk of the safety pin. I ended up having to tack the fabric to the walls on the sides as the weight of the lights caused folds. My husband and I put on some Christmas music and decorated the tree with the unbreakable ornaments I got at Target, using small ornament hooks that we bent over the light wires.  The finishing touch was a star tree topper that I cut from glittery paper. I chose a silvery white paper but I think I am going to make a new one later tonight as you can hardly see this one.

Ikea Margareta Fabric panel Christmas Tree with lights and ornaments

Up close it looks a little messy with the light wires, from a few feet away it looks adorable and from outside with the lights on it looks like a regular Christmas tree. I’m going to make a new tree topper and dig out my pompom string garland. It needs some brighter colors on it, otherwise I think it looks great. I love that it looks like a real tree (just squint your eyes), I got my Christmas lights that I love and it only takes up wall space. (and the clean up is easy!)