Pillowcases made from flannel. Easy and fun to make. I use a pillowcase I already have as my size guide. Leave approximately 2″ more on the length and the width so that they are still the correct size after sewing. 2″ is much more than you need, but better to have a little extra you can trim off then to not have enough.


Pillowcase opening has been folded over and hemmed. The body is pinned and ready to be sewn.




I finally got around to sewing towels from terry cloth I bought for $1.00 a yard a year or so ago. It’s a thinner terry cloth similar in weight to the Ikea HÄREN towels.

I own several HÄREN bath size towels and they were the inspiration for these towels. I have found that most of the time I reach for the thinner Ikea towels over the thicker towels we own. I made two bath size towels and one HUGE bath sheet sized towel. The total cost was approximately $4.00 to make three towels.

To get the size I wanted, I put an Ikea towel on top of the terry cloth fabric and cut the terry cloth to approximately the same size. I left approx. 1″ longer on the width so that after they were hemmed they would still be the right size.


To hem the towels, I folded the edges down once and did a straight stitch, going around twice. You could always make your hems much nicer/fancier easily by using decorative stitches, contrasting fabric to make an edge or a border. You could also fold over the edges twice, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.


The backside of the towel.

When I finished hemming the towels I won’t over them and trimmed off any excess fabric on the edges. The terry cloth will shed a little, this particular fabric wasn’t too bad but some terry sheds everywhere when you cut it. The finished towels also need to go through the wash to get rid of any loose bits.

Garden update

I have tried to grow carrots several times in the past. I never had one bit of success with them. I did some research this year to see if there was a carrot I might have better luck with. One of the carrots I found was the Red Cored Chantenay carrot.

“Introduced from France in the late 1800s. Blocky, broad-shouldered variety with blunt tip, about 5-1/2″ long and 2-1/2″ at the shoulder. Deep orange interior. Adaptable to clay and a wide range of soils. A versatile, good winter keeper that is quite tasty, raw or cooked. Stores well in the ground. Becomes sweeter in storage.”

This is a shorter, stump-shaped carrot that is broad at the top, but tapers into a stump root. It is a great choice to grow in average garden soil. This carrot variety stores well and can be used in all stages.

I read that for years (not sure about now) it was used as the carrot in canned soups etc. It was the go to carrot for the processed food industry.  I thought I might have better luck with this carrot and was able to find seeds at Home Depot.  I didn’t do anything to make the garden soil more carrot friendly so I was a little concerned.

When we went out to check the corn which is planted next to it look what we saw…….orange carrot tops starting to poke out of the soil. I’m super excited about this, almost as excited as I am to see the corn ears starting to come in.



Every July, peas grow there.

Anytime I do anything with peas I always quote from Rosebud Frozen Peas “full of country goodness and green peaness“.

First official pea harvest. We have been harvesting sugar snap peas for a few weeks now, but those are starting to die off in the heat. The regular peas though are starting to come in and are delicious. I like to pick a few when they are still small, the pods aren’t tasty like the snap pea pods, but the peas are sweet and yummy, it’s like eating candy.image



Uncle Magnifico Presto

I bought this gorgeous gentleman this afternoon when I was out running errands.  It is an antique oil painting that has seen better days. The damage isn’t quite so obvious when you look at it from a few feet away and without a light directly on it. Up close you can see the cracks and missing paint.
I decided that he looks like he could have been a Vaudeville magician, or if not an actual magician, a man who would know/enjoy parlor tricks and could keep secrets.
I can’t tell if he is a widow or was jilted by his true love. Hmmm maybe he has a frail, ailing wife who has consumption which gives him the hint of sadness he seems to have. We have named him Uncle Magnifico Presto, and he sort of makes me want a wall of portraits where each person is facing the same way.