My Glitzy Christmas Wreath

I made this wreath a couple of years ago and add to it every year when Christmas flowers and picks go on clearance. I think my husband might think it’s a little ummmm……ugly.(I asked him the other night if he thought it was ugly and he said no, apparently I have brought him over to the dark-side of glitter and hot pink pine cones).

On a recent trip to our local Michaels Craft store to get a couple of sheets of vellum paper for handmade Christmas cards, I noticed that Christmas picks were on sale for 70% off. I picked up a few to add to my wreath.

I think I have finally reached the end of useable space on my wreath.

Actually I think I may have gone a little too far( is that possible with glitter?)

I love it(and I love that I bought everything for it on sale/clearance), but realize the look is not for everyone .




Thanksgiving paper turkey centerpiece

I just finished making my own paper turkey centerpiece from Martha Stewart

<—- Martha’s turkey

I don’t do much holiday specific decorating for Thanksgiving but I liked the looks of this turkey and it was free and easy.
I didn’t have any orange paper on hand for the accordion folded base, and then I decided that I didn’t like the look of that base anyways.


I cut out two small squares of white card stock paper and then cut two slits about 1″ in from each side of the bottom.
My turkey now stands up and it will be easier to fold it flat and tuck it away for next year.

My turkey

In with the new

Right now we are in the middle of a complete bathroom renovation. We decided to demo it right down to the studs. We debated taking down the ceiling or not but decided to do it. I’m so glad we decided to remove the ceiling. The only things we are keeping are the door to the closet and the door to the bathroom itself. When it warms up outside we will sand them and then either stain or paint them and give them new hardware.

Luckily we found an amazing contractor.

Right before he was going to start putting up new drywall I made a collage of some old bathroom photos plus some pictures of the dogs. I laminated it and taped it to the wall where it would be covered in drywall. I wrote a short note on the back of the picture with the date and a few details. If anyone does another major renovation they will uncover the picture, and marvel at what a hideously ugly bathroom we used to have. (and how cute our dogs were)

You look at pictures of WHAT online?!

My husband does not understand this at all. I told him last night that I like to look at photos of people’s craft rooms and how they organize all their crafty goodness.

He was like  – you do what?  I said –  people post pictures of their craft rooms online. There are even websites and Flickr groups just for photos of how people store their craft supplies. It’s addictive. I love looking at them. I love seeing all the colors and items all organized and awesome. I just found this website the other day Crafty Storage and it is so inspiring and fun to look through.

I have a craft room and lots of supplies.  My supplies are organized and tidy,

— but —

I have cats, and my cats LOVE my craft supplies as much as I do. So alas all my crafty goodies are tucked away mostly out of sight, so I don’t have an awesome craft room like other people. Mine is nice,  just not awesome.

I also have a cat that has decided that tearing off strips of wallpaper is her calling in life. So awesomely decorated craft room…not so much.