New Favorite Pen

I grabbed this pen while we were at Staples recycling ink cartridges.

It is a Zebra Sarasa  0.7 Gel pen in Fuchsia.

Zebra brand Sarasa Pen

  • Water-based, pigment gel ink
  • Acid-free & archival quality ink system

The color is bright and vivid. It writes smoothly, and best of all it doesn’t smear (at least it hasn’t smeared yet). I love colored pens and this one is my new favorite. It was $1.00 at Staples and it is worth every penny.

When my ink rewards come in I might go will be going back to pick up some of the other colors now that I know how awesome they are.

Too big a bang

What I find so funny about this story/video is that last night while we were watching fireworks, is that I mentioned to my husband how I could live without the lead up and would love an all finale fireworks show. Plus I’m happy that no one got hurt.

Tens of THOUSANDS of fireworks all went off at once.  Awesome. It looks like an alien attack.


“The Fourth of July fireworks show went off with a bang over San Diego Bay. Too big a bang. The show that was supposed to wow tens of thousands of people for 20 minutes lasted only about 20 seconds after a computer glitch caused multiple bulb-shaped explosions on the bay. The producer, Garden State Fireworks, based in Millington, N.J., said an error in its computer system caused tens of thousands of fireworks on four barges to go off simultaneously with a single command.”