Uncle Magnifico Presto

I bought this gorgeous gentleman this afternoon when I was out running errands.  It is an antique oil painting that has seen better days. The damage isn’t quite so obvious when you look at it from a few feet away and without a light directly on it. Up close you can see the cracks and missing paint.
I decided that he looks like he could have been a Vaudeville magician, or if not an actual magician, a man who would know/enjoy parlor tricks and could keep secrets.
I can’t tell if he is a widow or was jilted by his true love. Hmmm maybe he has a frail, ailing wife who has consumption which gives him the hint of sadness he seems to have. We have named him Uncle Magnifico Presto, and he sort of makes me want a wall of portraits where each person is facing the same way.

Remember the Red String on Band-Aid wrappers?

I needed a Band-Aid after I burned my finger making dinner tonight. When I opened the Band-Aid it got me to thinking about how you used to open a Band-Aid by pulling on a red string. Remember that?

The little red string used to open BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages wrappers makes its first appearance in 1924.

Red Band-Aid stringIt appears to have been discontinued in 1993 in favor of a tear down wrapper. It felt like a perfectly reasonable way to open  a Band-Aid at the time.  Thinking about it now though, it seems like a really weird way to do it.

Just your average Tuesday……except for the tornado!

A tornado hit where I live this morning. It apparently whipped through my street/neighborhood and then was done. It seems to have started one street in front of us and ended on the street behind us. I hope they can come up with a better idea of what path it took soon. It was totally crazy. We lost electricity for 7 hours, our street was blocked off all day. It’s a mess of downed trees and tree limbs. The really weird thing is that if you drive a block or two away from my house it’s like nothing happened. You would never know a tornado hit my street.
National Weather Service
We lost our trash bins and some deck furniture was tossed around but that’s about it. I have never seen rain and lightning like that and never felt a wall of wind come through the house like that and I have been here through hurricanes several times. I knew it was bad when one of the cats started howling, she’s never done that before.