Ikea Margareta Fabric Panel Christmas tree (with lights and ornaments)

When my husband and I go to Ikea I always stop and look through the fabrics. Every time I saw the Margareta fabric I coveted it. A big Christmas tree printed on fabric?! What’s not to love. I finally bought some last year.
I pulled it from my fabric stash this year and thought about what to do with it. It was going to replace a regular Christmas tree this year so I knew I wanted to try and get lights and ornaments on it if possible.
The first thing I did was iron it using a heavy starch to make it stiff and flat. Then I sewed the bottom rough edge to keep it from fraying. I thought about how I wanted to hang it and decided to use a curtain rod. I sewed a curtain rod pocket onto the top on the back.

Ikea Margareta Fabric panel Christmas Tree

Ironed with starch, and hung from a curtain rod after I sewed a curtain rod pocket onto the back at the top.

I decided to hang it right above my baseboard. I debated having it rest on the floor but decided that was too low and more likely to get dirty/get the cats interest.  I tried a few stores to see if I could find battery operated lights as I thought those might work better. I couldn’t find anything that appealed to me so I gave up on that idea for now. I also considered putting grommets in the fabric and pushing lights in through the grommets from the back. I thought that would hide the light wires and make for a neater looking tree. (I may try this idea some other time).

I ended up using what I had at home which was some LED lights that have plastic bulbs on them on the ends. I used safety pins and attached them to the fabric by going in from the back of the fabric to hide the bulk of the safety pin. I ended up having to tack the fabric to the walls on the sides as the weight of the lights caused folds. My husband and I put on some Christmas music and decorated the tree with the unbreakable ornaments I got at Target, using small ornament hooks that we bent over the light wires.  The finishing touch was a star tree topper that I cut from glittery paper. I chose a silvery white paper but I think I am going to make a new one later tonight as you can hardly see this one.

Ikea Margareta Fabric panel Christmas Tree with lights and ornaments

Up close it looks a little messy with the light wires, from a few feet away it looks adorable and from outside with the lights on it looks like a regular Christmas tree. I’m going to make a new tree topper and dig out my pompom string garland. It needs some brighter colors on it, otherwise I think it looks great. I love that it looks like a real tree (just squint your eyes), I got my Christmas lights that I love and it only takes up wall space. (and the clean up is easy!)

Deck Swing Cushion Re-do Project

When I brought out the cushions for my deck swing this year they were in really rough shape. They were several years old and the fabric was dirty and brittle. I tried to clean them but the fabric was in such bad shape that it just disintegrated.

The cushions after I tried cleaning them.

The cushions after I tried cleaning them.

I priced buying new cushions but man are those things expensive to get decent quality ones.

Recovering them seemed the way to go and originally I had a plan for all green and blue fabric as that is what I had in my fabric stash. Halfway through sewing the pieces together, I decided it was ugly and that I hated it, and came up with a new plan.
I took apart all three of the cushions so it was six single cushions. I then put them together into two rows of 3 cushions each. I wanted to make each set of 3 more like one solid bench type cushion. I had a bunch of leftover polyester quilt batting(I have since discovered the lovely-ness that is cotton quilt batting). I wrapped each set of 3 cushions in the batting to make one long cushy cushion.

I remembered that I had a huge piece of prequilted pink fabric that I had bought cheap at a yardsale years ago. I sewed a basic pillowcase shape to go over the cushions to hold everything in place. I hand sewed the end shut. I wanted to make the outer cover removable so that if I ever needed to I could replace/repair/wash it. I went through my fabric stash again and found that I still had a fair amount of leftover squares already made up from a quilt I had made.

All done and didn't cost a penny.

All done and didn’t cost a penny.

A few more squares needed to be put together, I added a border and a different color backing all from fabrics I already had.
I wanted a colorful, non fussy look so I didn’t worry too much about lines matching up/colors etc. I sewed the front and back like a pillowcase but made one of the ends fold over so that I could remove it.
It turned out great, and best of all it didn’t cost me anything as I used all fabric/supplies I already had. We put up a canopy this year over that part of the deck to protect the cushions (and us) from the sun and the rain. So hopefully these will last a few years.