Fiber Optics

I have always had a strange love/fascination with fiber optic things. I was looking at the USB powered mini Christmas tree that I have


My USB Christmas tree

Which got me to thinking about these

I don’t know if they have/ever had a name. I looked for vintage fiber optic flower lamp and found several auctions. Years ago I used to see them at thrift shops and yard sales now and then. I thought about it, and realized that I have not seen one (except online) in years.
I also saw auctions for these which are NOT fiber optic and I have always been a little freaked out by. I owned one at one point. I don’t remember how we even got it. I think someone was throwing it out. The light worked but we could never get the rain to work.

Rain Oil Lamp

Rain Oil Lamp

I like weird things, but those oil rain lamps are flat out bizarre.