Currently reading

Almost finished with book five in the series. I have #6 already in my nightstand waiting for me. I have been slowly collecting the books in this series when I went to thrift shops, yard sales and off of I’m debating on if I want to start watching the television show while I am reading the books or wait until I am finished.

Strange & Fascinating Facts

For the past week or so I have been reading this book. Strange & Fascinating facts about famous brands.
Actually I read a few pages when I get a chance when Nimby can’t settle down at night and I want to stay up to make sure she is o.k..

I read about the Heinz Ocean Pier in Atlantic City and it has caught my imagination. Specifically two things so far have caught my imagination.
#1. It extended 3 football fields out into the Atlantic Ocean.
#2. Attached to the roof was a seventy foot high electric sign with a large 57 that glowed each night and could be seen for miles.

I tried to find more information about it but couldn’t find out very much.  It lasted for 46 years before  it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1944 which is unfortunate.

I find it amazing that it held up that long.


I  read two books cover to cover last week and both were just amazing. I couldn’t put them down.


The first book was The Buccaneers by Edith Wharton.  Actually Edith Wharton never finished

the book and it was finished by Marion Mainwaring after Wharton’s death in 1937.

The second book I read was White Oleander by Janet Fitch.

oleanderVery different books. Both filled with mainly female characters. One was more contemporary the other based in the 1870’s.