.97 cents (including tax)

Sometimes it seems like Thrift Shops are getting more and more expensive (at least where I live).
Driving back from my second trip this year down to Hilton Head, SC to see my Grandmother recently, I stopped at as many thrift shops as I could find. Every time I stopped for gas or a break I would search for Thrift shops on my GPS. If I found something within 10 miles I would check it out. Mostly it was disappointing, and then I found a charity thrift shop in one of the small towns I stopped in. I stopped in so many small towns that I can’t remember which one this was. I think it was a thrift shop for Diabetes.

It did not look promising. And then I saw some of the prices and got giddy. Not everything was cheap but they has a section where dishes were a dime. A DIME! I can’t remember when the last time was I saw anything for a dime.
This is my haul from that shop. It cost me .97 cents which included the tax.

2 small plates (one is Corelle), a Japanese Mug, two comic paperbacks & a glass candle holder.



Garden update

I have tried to grow carrots several times in the past. I never had one bit of success with them. I did some research this year to see if there was a carrot I might have better luck with. One of the carrots I found was the Red Cored Chantenay carrot.

“Introduced from France in the late 1800s. Blocky, broad-shouldered variety with blunt tip, about 5-1/2″ long and 2-1/2″ at the shoulder. Deep orange interior. Adaptable to clay and a wide range of soils. A versatile, good winter keeper that is quite tasty, raw or cooked. Stores well in the ground. Becomes sweeter in storage.”

This is a shorter, stump-shaped carrot that is broad at the top, but tapers into a stump root. It is a great choice to grow in average garden soil. This carrot variety stores well and can be used in all stages.

I read that for years (not sure about now) it was used as the carrot in canned soups etc. It was the go to carrot for the processed food industry.  I thought I might have better luck with this carrot and was able to find seeds at Home Depot.  I didn’t do anything to make the garden soil more carrot friendly so I was a little concerned.

When we went out to check the corn which is planted next to it look what we saw…….orange carrot tops starting to poke out of the soil. I’m super excited about this, almost as excited as I am to see the corn ears starting to come in.