Vera by Annita Wilschut

Vera by Annita Wilschut

I recently downloaded Vera by Annita Wilschut off of Ravelry. I looked for several days for a simple (not just easy to knit but a simple design as well) stuffed animal to knit for a certain small person.

I haven’t started Vera yet but I love the non fussy look of this bear. It seems fairly straightforward to knit as well. I am going to knit it out of Spa from the Naturally Caron line.

Spa - Misty Taupe

Spa - Misty Taupe

The color is Misty Taupe. It is a Bamboo blended with acrylic. Acrylic isn’t usually my first, second or even third choice but since this is for a child I wanted something that was going to hold up to washing and I’m not sure if there are any Wool allergies so I am playing it safe.

Today was a rough day again for Nimbus. She seemed depressed and uncomfortable all day despite our best efforts. We also had a harder time getting her to eat today. It’s been a struggle all along but today she was particularly not interested in eating.

The Doctor can tell us that she should have 2-6 months but no one really knows, you always wonder if today is the day, if this is the week that we lose her.

Strange & Fascinating Facts

For the past week or so I have been reading this book. Strange & Fascinating facts about famous brands.
Actually I read a few pages when I get a chance when Nimby can’t settle down at night and I want to stay up to make sure she is o.k..

I read about the Heinz Ocean Pier in Atlantic City and it has caught my imagination. Specifically two things so far have caught my imagination.
#1. It extended 3 football fields out into the Atlantic Ocean.
#2. Attached to the roof was a seventy foot high electric sign with a large 57 that glowed each night and could be seen for miles.

I tried to find more information about it but couldn’t find out very much.  It lasted for 46 years before  it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1944 which is unfortunate.

I find it amazing that it held up that long.