Black Friday 2009 style

I am always more curious about Black Friday as opposed to being rabid about it.

We’ve done the getting up at ass o’clock thing to check out the deals and all I have to say is Meh. If we feel like getting up and there is a deal on something, then I think it’s kind of fun. Would I all out body check people in a mad scramble to get something or other….nah. I don’t care that much. I don’t think there will ever be anything I need/want so desperately as to go tearing around a store looking for the “doorbusters”.

I do check out the Black Friday ads online and see what’s going on. I look for all day deals on things instead of the 5am -9am or whatever deals. Sometimes a store will have something weird like pillows on sale for cheap. A few years ago I got good pillows for $2.00 each on Black Friday. Joann’s is the one Black Friday ad that I really look forward to with enthusiasm. Last year I bought a boatload of flannel for 99 cents a yard! I was really hoping for  a repeat sale this year but it looks like it will be $1.49 this year which is still fantastic just not as good ad 99 cents. It’s an all day Friday deal too so I don’t have to rush around like a maniac.

I remember one year we went out early and it was the first year they put the big, flat t.v.’s on sale and people were going crazy. We laughed because the parking lot was literally filled with people who couldn’t  fit the giant televisions into their cars.


I  read two books cover to cover last week and both were just amazing. I couldn’t put them down.


The first book was The Buccaneers by Edith Wharton.  Actually Edith Wharton never finished

the book and it was finished by Marion Mainwaring after Wharton’s death in 1937.

The second book I read was White Oleander by Janet Fitch.

oleanderVery different books. Both filled with mainly female characters. One was more contemporary the other based in the 1870’s.


Big Chives

For at least the last 2 maybe 3 years or so, I have lusted after this big purple flower I saw growing outside a local garden center near me. I never saw them growing anywhere else. I would drive by them and always think that I just “had” to have some of those for my yard.allium

I searched through several garden centers and never found them to buy (they were planted in the ground and not in containers for sale). I did find out that they are Giant Alliums. Which I knew was just a fancy way of basically saying big onion plant, or I say it’s like growing giant chives except I don’t think you can eat them. (I was going to check on this for my husband since he is a chive fan).

I had been planning to buy mine online in the next few weeks. I wanted to get them planted this Fall to have them come up in the Spring.

We had to return something to Lowe’s this afternoon and they had their bulbs right outside the returns entrance…… you hear the angels singing?……do you see the shaft of light that beamed down onto a box….a box that held none other than lovely packages of Giant Allium bulbs? Actually my husband saw them first. They are specifically the Gladiator Allium Variety. It was a pack of 3 bulbs for $9.99. I bought two packages. One set of 3 bulbs for my front yard and one set for my backyard. We plan on planting them tomorrow. I am just thrilled to bits. It’s nice to finally get something that you have wanted for so long and saving a couple of bucks.

We also picked up a package of Black Tulips (apparently they are a deep maroon which looks black in some light.. I have to look on the package to see what the name of them is Queen of the night. tulips

It was $9.99 for that bag as well and I can’t remember how many bulbs were in that bag but it seemed like a lot. 45! I’m looking forward to getting everything in the ground so I can start dreaming about my Spring garden.

We had such potential, such promise.

Tonight we decided to do dinner and a movie. First off was dinner at Red Robin (yummy). I love the Whiskey River BBQ burger sans lettuce. I normally love lettuce but I think they must use some kind of bagged lettuce which always tastes funky to me.Nine

After dinner we went to see 9. We both really liked it. I didn’t think it was going to be as dark as it was, my husbands comment was “Tim Burton is associated with it of course it’s going to be dark”.

This is not a movie for young kids. Naturally I was dismayed as always to see parents bringing in kids way too young for this.

It has a PG13 rating which seems right to me. It’s not appropriate for your seven year old.

This coming from the girl whose dad took his kids to see Porky’s when we were like 10.\

The animation is simply amazing. Loving fabric I kept thinking wow that really looks like burlap. It was fascinating for me to see how intricate the dolls were. I kept looking at how they were put together, the stitches and bits and pieces. This movie is very dark and intense and somewhat sad. The machines/robots were scary, how you can impart such malice into animated machines I don’t know but they did it.

Definitely worth seeing just don’t bring young kids.