About me

  1. My left foot is bigger than my right. Not by a lot but I always try shoes on my left foot first. My father’s feet are actually a size different between left and right.
  2. I grew up in New England
  3. I never thought I or other New Englanders had an accent until I went back to New England after several years away and then could really hear it.
  4. My husband says my accent only comes out when I’m mad.
  5. I only like creamy peanut butter. I don’t like to mix my textures so no crunchy with smooth.
  6. I was born on New Years Eve.
  7. I love how the numbers of my birth date sound. Lots of ones.
  8. I AM the Cat Whisperer.
  9. I had to hold my nose to swim until I went to college.
  10. Then I took swimming lessons and became a lifeguard.
  11. I love, love, love a good blue cheese salad dressing
  12. I loathe the smell of Cilantro. It makes me want to throw up.
  13. My husband makes fun of me because I feel bad for Godzilla and Gamera. (They look so sad when they get hurt, go back in the water etc.)
  14. I can however watch movies like Reservoir Dogs with no problems whatsoever.
  15. I have never had a good piece of carrot cake.(and I do like both carrots and cake)
  16. I found out I needed glasses by taking a Readers Digest Magazine eye test while taking a bath

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